DIY Pouring Silicon Mold Clear Epoxy Casting Resin
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Epoxy resin adhesive 123AB is transparent type, can be added with transparent color paste according to need. They can be cured at room temperature or warming. After curing, the surface is flat, the gloss is good, no bubbles, and according to the demand of the product, the concentration of glue, curing time, There are many different specifications to choose from.

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1) Fresh flowers.
2) Pigments and dyes.
3) Glitter.
4) Gold leaf.
5) Pressed or artificial flowers.
6) Food colors.
7) Beads etc.
What is epoxy casting?
There is nothing you can’t do it only you can’t image it.
Properties before Hardening ↴

Epoxy123A Hardener123B
Appearance 123A 123B
Color Transparent Transparent
Specific gravity
1.12±0.1 0.8±0.1
Viscosity25℃ 3500±4000 (CPS) 100-150(CPS)
Usable Method Mixing Ratio A:B=3:1(Weigh Ratio)
Usable time 25℃×45-60minutes
Hardening conditions 25℃×8-12 hours or 60℃×3hours
Matters needing attention during operation
1) Pay attention to the precise proportion, B glue can be a little more - a little bit (not too much) of course, a little bit less can also solidify is slower, the proportion error is large, will affect the curing, the general error can not be more than 5% difference is not good and may not even solidify.
2) The stirring must be uniform, especially the inner wall and bottom of the container. The stirring must be in place for at least 60 seconds.You can use a clean object such as a bamboo stick to stir.In order to ensure the smooth mixing, you can use two stirring cups. First, you should import the correct proportion of A+B into the first cup, and then import the second cup into the second cup. In this way, the mixing can be guaranteed to be completely uniform, preventing the bottom or the edge of the first stirring cup from not being stirred.On the bottom of the uneven pouring most back.Drip on the surface of the product, thus affecting the surface quality of the product.There are traces on the surface.)Stir in one direction while stirring.

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