Anti-slip Self Levelling Dustproof Flooring Paint Epoxy Resin
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1. The paint film is hard, not easy to scratch or scratch
2. Good wear resistance, water resistance, acid resistance and high temperature resistance
3. High adhesion, will not easily peel and bulge
4. Fast drying performance and long service life

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Mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, machinery factory, school, hospital, chemical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food factory, textile factory, printing factory, chemical plant, computer room, supermarket, parking lot, all kinds of electrical control room, command center And so on the ground has a very high demand for the industry.Mixing Ratio
Primer: 3:1, usage 0.1kgs/sqm
Mid: 5:1, usage 0.1kgs/sqm
Top Coat: 5:1, usage 0.6~0.8kgs/sqm
Technical Data ↴

Color and appearance of paint film Colors and smooth film
Dry film thickness, mm 1.5~2mm
Drying time (25 ℃), H surface dry≤8h, hard dry≤24h, Fully cured 7days
Adhesion (zoned method), class ≤1
Impact strength, kg, CM ≥70
Compressive strength, M Pa ≥85
Tensile strength, MPa ≥9
Bending hardness, MPa ≥7
Wear resistance (Mg, 750g/500r) ≤20
Water resistance 48 hrs, no blister, no fall off, no change color
Alkali resistance 48hrs, no blister, no fall off, no change color
Acid resistance 48hrs, no blister, no fall off, no change color
Leveling property, min ≥5
Hardness (swing rod method) ≥0.6

Double coating interval time: ↴

Temperature 5℃ 25℃ 40℃
Shortest time 32h 18h 6h
Longest time 14d 7d 5d
Surface treatment:
Completely remove the oil pollution on the surface of cement, clean the sand and dust, moisture and so on, to ensure that the surface is smooth, clean, solid, dry, non foaming, not sand, no cracking, no oil. Water content should not be greater than 6%, the pH value is not greater than 10. The strength grade of cement concrete is not less than C20.

Construction condition:
The temperature of the base floor is not less than 5℃, and at least 3℃ than the air dew point temperature, the relative humidity must less than 85% (should be measured near the base material), fog, rain, snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.
Construction method:
Brush / roll coating: must achieve the specified dry film thickness.
Construction steps
1. Polish and clean the ground (wall), no floating dust on the surface, and the construction base is required to be dry and flat
2. Stir evenly after opening the barrel, brush the floor paint for the first time and wait for three hours to dry before proceeding to the next step
3. Thinly brush the floor paint for the second time and wait for it to dry, then apply the varnish according to the situation. The varnish is semi-matt before it
4. After the floor paint is dry, apply the varnish to achieve a bright effect

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