How to make Epoxy Art Amazing woodworking
How to make Epoxy Art Amazing woodworking

How to DIY Art woodworking with Epoxy


Half the River Half the wood

  • River flow into table,
  • Unique design,

Masterpieces of nature bring mountains and rivers

The air of the fresh purification of the river

Design Concept

Contracted line,Jing ya at ease

No ostentatious taste,Fill your home with the smell of nature.Don't want to let themselves too tired, just want to be an ordinary and simple people

How to deal with wood

Secondly, we should pay attention to pour, we need to deal with the wood well, dry and antiseptic!

Build your Mould for the Resin Tabletop

Coverage the pouring area amount

How many square meter with your pouring epoxy area,you need to calculate with it,and then we will have formula to calculate for epoxy quantities for your tables application.

How to calculate the amount of glue:

Length, width, thickness = volume = glue dosage

For example, in the picture, the wood is 1.7 meters long and wide 20cm, and the thickness is 5cm.

Glue dosage: 1.7 ≤ 0.2 ≤ 0.05 × 0.017 cubic meters * 1000 kg glue

How to creat your river tables step by step

Filling Cracks and Sealing the Wood

All cracks, porous and uneven areas in the wood should be filled with epoxy resin.

Thick and Clear

it is necessary to decide whether to pour in layers or once. Different thicknesses determine different methods. If the thickness is greater than 10, it is suggested to pour in layers. If the thickness is less than 10 cm, it can be poured at one time.Different thickness pouring have different epoxy models to recommend for you,because price may different.

Mixing is easy when your working with a 3-1 ratio. You get 40 to 45 minutes of working time. All this depends on the temperature and humidity in your workspace. Curing times range from 8 to16 hours,24hours completely cured.

Make Design you like

Coloring the Resin and Pouring a Water Effect

  • pigments of your choice.
  • Powder color,liquid color,.gritter,color concentrate and Oil color
  • According to the manufacturer’s guide and

    Finishing Resin Tabletop Polishing

  • Can use duster cloth or polish machine with max


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