How to Install
How to Install

1. First, the original ground should be thoroughly polished, and uneven areas should be repaired and leveled, then cleaned and vacuumed, and wet areas should be dried first.

2. Bottom layer: Use a trowel to evenly scrape the prepared pure resin material on the original ground, and completely penetrate and bond with the plain ground to form a layer of strong viscosity.

3. Middle layer: After the mortar layer is solidified, perform full polishing. Use a trowel to flatten the prepared intermediate coating material on the mortar layer to fill in the uneven small pits and pinholes on the mortar layer to make it even and flat.

4.Install 3d floor patterns to ensure that there are no creases

5.Surface layer: After mixing the top coating materials, use a trowel to evenly spread on the 3d pattern to form a self-leveling surface layer that is dust-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, smooth and bright


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