Installation Notes
Installation Notes


Proportion A glue B glue Each group (kg) Dosage (kg/sqm) Remark
Solvent-free self-leveling Primer 3:1 15 5 20 0.1 Scrape with a flat trowel
Middle coat 5:1 25 5 30 0.1 Scrape with a flat trowel
Topcoat 5:1 25 5 30 0.6~0.8 Scrape with a serrated trowel

Preparing the surface

Step 1. Prepare the surface. Grind or diamond the base layer.

Step 2. Sweep and clean the floor. Use an industrial vacuum cleaner to absorb fine particles and dust on the floor

Priming and Filling

Step 3. Prime the floor with epoxy primer and make sure the area is well ventilated.

Step 4. Fill all cracks, holes, etc. with the mixed epoxy resin.

Applying the epoxy floor coating

Step 5. Application of the first coat of epoxy paint.

Step 6. Apply the product with a roller.

Step 7. after making sure that the cracks are filled, put on the last layer after cleaning


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